all novels should have an orphan

for class on monday i am writing a novel in 4 pages or less. here are the first couple chapters:

Chapter 1.

Dixie loved her parents. Tragically they died in a friendly fire incident at a Nevada ranch during a family reunion the day before her 8th birthday. So did the rest of her family. It was a family reunion. Only Dixie survived because she was out riding her horse Ginger in the desert when in it happened. Shortly thereafter, Ginger succumbed to a rare form of horse meningitis. Dixie was placed in foster care.

Chapter 2.

Dixie’s foster mother was a stripper. She had no foster father. Her foster mother worked all night and shot up heroin most days. The state lost Dixie’s file. No one ever came to check if she was okay.

Chapter 3.

Dixie was never reenrolled in the school system. Instead she would sneak out every day to the public library where she had a standing 11:15 am spot on the computer waiting list. She liked to play Math Blaster. She beat every level. At noon when her time was up she would find a novel in the adult section and read it in the reading room. She lived in Las Vegas. The library was huge. Nobody paid her much attention.

Chapter 4.

Except one person. The janitor. Sometimes when no one was looking he would buy her a Kit Kat from the vending machine. His name was Adan. He was a young janitor and very handsome. He was only 14 but his illegal passport said he was 18. The library officials believed it and were very liberal people who liked to help out struggling immigrants. They paid him $10 an hour, most of which he gave to his parents to help feed his 15 brothers and sisters.