this is my new favorite quote, attributed to the president’s spokeswoman in the guardian, about what was REALLY going on yesterday in virginia: “all laws must be followed … walking into a school hall and shooting people is clearly against the law”.

give the guy a ticket! but not for his gun! for his USE of the gun!

obviously i was pretty unaware of what was going on yesterday. 33 people all getting shot up in one day? in a school? by an ENGLISH major?

this is a very scary thing to have happen. and very sad for those people who are dead. which reminds me. you know what else is sad? on sunday 34 people were killed in baghdad. and that is pretty standard.

which is why when the president says: “schools should be places of safety, and sanctuary, and learning. when that sanctuary is violated, the impact is felt in every american classroom and every american community,” you see why he better use the adjective “american” every time.

after all, he is the guy responsible for making schools the most dangerous place in iraq.

so here’s the thing: either president bush is a robot (possible, very possible) and he has no actual feelings about the virginia shootings or ANY shootings or any death ever, or he does actually feel bad but only because it is americans that got shot: “our nation is shocked and saddened by the news of the shootings at virginia tech today. the exact toll has not yet been confirmed, but it appears that more than 30 people were killed and many more were wounded.”

the key is “our nation”. other nations? those aren’t really people!

more from the prince of darkness:

“i told them that laura and i and many across our nation are praying for the victims and their families and all the members of the university community who have been devastated by this terrible tragedy.”

“today our nation grieves with those who have lost loved ones at virginia tech. we hold the victims in our hearts. we lift them up in our prayers. and we ask a loving god to comfort those who are suffering today.”

hey i don’t know the people in virginia. but i’m still sad they are dead/hurt and i am still scared of the implications of this event. the same way i feel about all the people who are getting shot or blown up or poisoned or whatever ALL OVER THE FREAKING WORLD. my problem? our leader asking “a loving god” to help alleviate the pain of these american people while he uses what i am assuming is the same god as an excuse to bring similar devastation, only more and scarier, to non-american people everyday.

i’m not saying he shouldn’t be sad about virginia tech. i’m just saying he should be sad about the whole planet.