can we call this earth WEEK?

everyone on the bus today was a disaster. which is usual, i know but for some reason today every woman under 35 had bleach blond hair and a carton of cigarettes and a prison tattoo. all the woman OVER 35 were wearing wigs, none of which fit correctly and all of which were the wrong color. all of their loafers had holes. it was strange. the men were all drunk. one of them sat down perpendicular to me so i could see the tumor growing out of his face. he didn’t seem to mind it too much. he just hummed to himself for about 20 blocks.

for a minute i wondered if i was taking the bus to west portal or to some institution. or if i was in a movie and the people on the bus were just extras posing as mental patients. or if i was a mental patient. i hate the bus.

no i don’t really hate the bus. it’s interesting. i usually like staring at people and watching pregnant women threaten crack heads or the police removing men with open beers in the handicap seats. it’s like a tv show. but last night/all day yesterday i watched planet earth and i have since concluded that cities are about the worst places to be in the whole world. BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE LEOPARDS! or baobab trees. or anything. have you seen that show? okay usually i couldn’t think of anything worse than watching a nature show. especially for many hours like i did yesterday. but there is something so freaking great about planet earth. maybe it is just the whole idea of approaching earth like it is something foreign, like this is just one in a series of shows, next is planet mars. or maybe it is the amazing and specific detail they show while still being expansive. they let a pattern emerge but don’t force it on you. this is the pattern: all animals have one goal and that goal is stay alive, personally and as a species. all the animals spend ALL DAY searching for food. it’s their job. sometimes they mate but only if they have enough food.

after watching this show for so long, i can’t help thinking of how people are animals too. and then i look at the mental patients on the bus and they look even weirder. haircuts for example. haircuts are a crazy thing. and leg shaving. and boob jobs. leopards would look so silly with boob jobs.

anyway, i’m glad i am leaving san francisco soon to go live in a less human-constructed place. though i bet port angeles has crack heads. i KNOW they have meth heads. but they have less concrete. okay i feel like i am doing a focused free write now. i think it’s time for dinner. goodnight.