a series of blurs

my roommate just decided to mop the kitchen floor. at 6:32 pm. approximately 2 minutes before i decided i had reached a critical point in being hungry and i should immediately cook some spaghetti. it is so so nice of her to clean the kitchen. so nice. but at dinner time? on the night i finally have time to eat dinner? so i am sitting in my room. trying to convince myself that the ‘a’ i got on my carver paper today outweighs the disaster of not being able to eat dinner at the exact moment i want to. trying not to focus on these things: a) all grades are just comparisons between you and the rest of the class and in this case an ‘a’ isn’t necessarily that impressive, b) i am totally over raymond carver and his stupid self anyway, c) i might start crying if i don’t eat soon, and d) everything sucks and i will never amount to anything.

jk bff. that’s just the blood sugar talking! listen! death cab for cutie is playing nice, soothing songs! and i got an idea for my play today! agoraphobia! immediate tension, right? someone who is scared to leave their house, maybe their bedroom, MAYBE EVEN THE BATHROOM! instant laughs/the play ends when the person finally leaves said place! PERFECT! now i just have to write it.

anyway, the hunger is overwhelming. man i really feel for those leopards on planet earth. i think it might be time to storm the kitchen.