a major player in the cowboy scene

in direct response to yesterday’s discussion of fictional characters, i hung out with a real live person tonight and reminded myself of the benefits of actual human interaction. i really like people i know. even this guy, who i know from portland where he dated another friend of mine and so consequentially is sort of a tertiary friend, is very comforting to hang out with. maybe it’s a person from oregon thing, a willamette valley thing, an eye contact thing. i don’t know. but it’s nice to just get a beer with someone i can talk to honestly about things i don’t like. which sounds kind of negative i know but he’s not completely convinced about san francisco either and so many people here think we are living in some sort of promised land that it’s a nice switch. plus if i’d had a heart attack when we were at the cafe, he could have called 911. and that’s always a bonus, right?

in other news, my playwriting class was canceled today, giving me extra time to work on my new play about an agoraphobic stock broker who lives in her bathroom. hopefully i stick with this one. it’s only about the fifth play i have started for this particular project. so. also i spent a lot of time watching the canadian show slings & arrows on dvd, looking for more possible true loves and trying to understand the medium of theater. you should watch this show. maybe. it is canadian and it was basically written for theater geeks. which is not something i am myself but not for lack of trying. that’s true actually. plays are something i am known (to myself) as a failure in. in middle school i was in 1 play and i tried out for 3 probably. and that was middle school. i took theater arts in high school and then failed to get put in ANY of the plays i tried out for. i had to play baritone in the pit orchestra instead. in college i also tried out for plays and was rejected. though i did do that performance art class and we had a play. and now here i am struggling through playwriting class. though i guess my failed theater career has never been something i much focused on or told anyone about, i really wish i was an actress. i think i take shakespeare classes just for the possibility of reading lines in class. i am always excited when the other girl in playwriting is gone because that means i am EVERY female character. weird. you know what else is weird? sometimes i have dreams where i am in a play and i forgot to memorize my lines. i don’t know where i am going with this. i swear i only drank 1 beer.

anyway, i also folded some paper today. i have to go to school tomorrow. i’m getting excited for the alberta art hop in may when pete and i are going to sell everything we’ve ever made to portland. that should be awesome.

and that’s my story.

the end