teen spirit

i like listening to the alternative portland station 94.7 on the internet because it makes me feel like i’m at home. but i don’t know why they ALWAYS play “smells like teen spirit” on the 90’s at noon. were there no other songs in the 90’s? that’s not how i remember it.

lately i’ve been assuming semi-important things are lost. you know, keys, cellphone, earrings, whatever. and so i’ve gone on massive hunts for said thing, not able to leave the house or sometimes go to bed before i find my important objects. i look all over my room, in drawers and boxes in my closet until finally i glance at the place i thought i left it. the place i just ASSUMED it was missing from. and it’s there. is that strange? that i am so used to losing things that i just assume something is missing and start freaking out about it even before i verify that said thing is in fact lost? yes. it’s weird.

anyway, i was looking around the internet today at work and i rediscovered my family’s genealogy on a website run by my uncle john. if you don’t believe that i am related to celine dion or if somehow you thought i was kidding when i said i was a direct descendant of charlemange, well here is where you would go for proof that i am no liar. below are some pictures i found off the website. i better get back to work.

this guy looks just like my uncles when they were younger. except that he is really old time-y so i like him EVEN BETTER.
this is my great-grandpa. why did they dress boys up like girls in the olden days?