plastic forks

i think this “play” i’m writing is sucking out my ability to write anything else. and it’s not even that awesome. you can tell: i’ve moved on to quotation marks around the word. so here are some pictures from recent events. this is by no means a complete history. but it’s what i took pictures of:

this is my best friend from my roommate’s party. for awhile i sat in my room drinking whiskey and coke and feeling sorry for myself. then i went out into the kitchen and met this guy. this guy who is drinking tequila out of a beer mug because i dared him to. i would be perfect for your next frat party. anyway, we were basically soul mates even though he is seriously gay. we came up with a whole scenario in which we marry each other for the wedding gifts. i don’t remember his name.

this is the sfsu crossing guard. he takes his job very seriously. i have never seen him smile. obviously this is actually the ELEMENTARY school of graduate schools.

yesterday i walked all the way downtown in my new shoes with no socks. this is what happened. on both feet. you’re lucky the picture is blurry because those blisters are freaking gross.

today before school it occurred to me that i wanted to go to the beach. so i went. and it was totally awesome. there are some good things about living in california after all.

these birds were everywhere. some of them may be the endangered snowy plover. they ARE white. i’ll have to ask my parents for verification.

i found these pretty/interesting things. but i decided to, you know, take only pictures.