playing oven

[this is my san francisco friend amira. she made some delicious sangria. wednesday is her birthday.]

it’s hot today. when i went to write this morning, i bought a lemonade instead of a hot chocolate. if i was in high school in corvallis, i would be planning a late-night pool sneak-in. if i was in high school in corvallis, i wouldn’t have a headache from the sangria i drank today at dolores park. so i guess there are pros and cons to adulthood. though put that way, they just sound like cons.

i might be sounding negative because after my hours of grass sitting in the park for my friend amira’s birthday, i watched 2 hours of intervention, the most depressing reality show ever created. unless you find heroine addicted mother/prostitutes uplifting, which maybe you do.

but besides that slide into disturbing television, it was a pretty great day. 80+ degrees is a good temperature and dolores park, a notorious hotbed of shoulder to shoulder hipness, wasn’t as crowded as it might have been. also i got to see my friend jim from portland for a little while and i rode my bike around noe valley and only got 1 angry honk (jim agrees and he’s a bike messenger so he knows A LOT: noe valley is a hostile place). i’m almost done with my play and tomorrow the poetry center is taking a field trip to see a GIANTS’ GAME!! who knew poets liked baseball? i discovered today that a band a guy i used to work with at the laughing planet is in is playing a show tonight at the make out room (obviously a place cool people hang out, on my street). i should go but there is something so cute about my room pretending to be an oven and i traded jim season 3 of arrested development for season 1 of the wire. and oh i have a headache. i need some cool fluids with no alcoholic content.

okay, the heat is affecting my ability to write in any making-sense type way. i need some water. i need to borrow a baseball glove. goodnight.