this is my bike at the beach in between fisherman’s wharf and fort mason. this is where the people in wetsuits go swimming. what is this beach called? it was 80 degrees again today and i went on a longer marathon bike ride all over. i even bought some cheap bike lights and rode my bike to the giants game where they have free bike valet parking.

this is me drinking my poetry-sponsored coors in a collectible giants plastic cup, with my boss behind me. you know what is really cool? baseball games. less cool? the the flight attendant girl sitting next to me with her boyfriend and some other people, talking about how her boyfriend doesn’t let her take the bart to work because it’s “so dangerous” so she drives instead and acting like she is some how special because she is in a controlling relationship with an illogical idiot. i wanted to tell her about the dangers of car accidents versus random bart violence while passing through oakland but i didn’t want to give away the extent of my eavesdropping or start a fist fight.

these are the leftovers from my garlic fries before they got squished into the concrete behind my seat.

the big guy at the plate is barry bonds. he’s a freaking monster. but he didn’t get any home runs tonight. which was okay because in the 5th inning the giants got 3 home runs without him and the catcher hit 2 of them. it was pretty sweet. we were sitting underneath the jumbotron so it was a real old-fashioned baseball experience, just us and the field. i bought some giants wrist warmers to commemorate it. the final score was 9-4 giants. apparently the real big bay area sports news though was the warriors basketball game. it was playing on tvs all around the stadium. sadly, the warriors lost by 4 points. but it was allegedly a good game. wow. i really don’t care about that.

tomorrow i have work. i guess the power went off today in our building and people were trapped in the elevators and firemen had to come and take apart the elevators to get them out. which means: tomorrow i will be walking up and down a lot of stairs. oh well. good night.