looking bad is for ugly people

hey. it’s wednesday. how great is that? i bought some shoes today on haight street. they are black adidas sambas. how great is that? here is my list of rationalizations about why it was okay for me to buy these shoes, my second pair of new shoes in a month:
1. soon i will be in port angeles and you can’t buy ANYTHING there.
2. black shoes are really versatile.
3. i could wear them if i played indoor soccer ever again.
4. my other new shoes gave me blisters all over my feet.
5. money doesn’t spend itself!
6. they go with my new giants wristbands. see?

7. i’ve rarely bought shoes in previous months.
8. i’ve been getting a lot of bug bites lately, which could signal the end of the world.
9. seriously, there is no way i can find cool shoes like this anywhere else except 1993. i can guarantee they don’t have anything this awesome in port angeles.

so. it makes sense, right?

otherwise, i am basically done with my play meaning the final school related thing i have to do before i leave is my last essay on carver. the essay before this i had an epigraph (you know in that obnoxious way of an english major) from the mountain goats. i think i am going to do it again this time. last time i got an ‘a’ and i think it was because the quote starting off my essay made me look more serious than i actually am. also i didn’t write “mountain goats”, i wrote “john darnielle”. much more serious.

in a completely unrelated note: check out the burg. it’s a funny web show about hipsters in new york. it’s weird because it’s obviously made BY hipsters but it is also making fun of hipsters. which i guess is a really really hip thing to do, if you think about it.

okay, now i am going to go back to staring at my shoes.