to the max

i’ve been think all week that i wanted to take a ferry and go on a bike ride this weekend. after much research (carver paper avoidance) i decided i would take a ferry to sausalito and then ride to tiburon and take a ferry back. however, my good eating, excitement and early bedtime had me wake up early this morning. i didn’t feel like waiting for hours for the first sausalito ferry so instead i decided to ride there. so at 8 am i left my house.

my san francisco bike theory is that if you go up hills early in a trip, they are easy to avoid later. sadly, the golden gate bridge laughs at this theory. in my effort to avoid the ONE steep hill from crissy field to the bridge i ended up going up the other side of this crazy one:

at this point, after riding for like a half an hour, i drank at least a third of my smart water. oh well. finally i made it to the bridge and ate some salami and crackers and cheese for breakfast.

after crossing the bridge it was a nice downhill coast to sausalito:

here is some advice, don’t try to look cute on a long bike ride. before i even got to the bridge my cute leggings were ripped on both inner seams from my bike seat.

it was basically like riding naked, which is by the way, totally uncomfortable even though in portland it is apparently a big fun thing to do. in sausalito i invested in these hyper un-cool bike shorts:

just kidding! in sausalito they were only un-cool because they weren’t sponsored by someone and accompanied by a matching top! i went into a park and climbed down an embankment to change into them next to a stream/lagoon type thing. i didn’t realize until i was half naked that there was a mother’s day family walking group staring at me from across the water. i took away 17 cool points from myself when the grandma started laughing. then i left sausalito.

i didn’t exactly know how to get to tiburon but i figured i could follow people or something and it actually worked. i only went the wrong way 2 times. after awhile i ended up at this park where i ate some more of my awesome food:

finally i got to tiburon. so did the rest of the one billion bikers who apparently take this route frequently. i have to say i think tiburon is better than sausalito.

i parked my bike and walked around. i also called my grandmas for mother’s day and my uncle but not him because it was mother’s day. he recommended this fancy restaurant right next to where i was and i went in and order this totally fancy and completely delicious ceviche:

after the ceviche i took the ferry back to san francisco. i also came to terms with looking like a total idiot:

look! that’s alcatraz in the back! if you want to look at a sweet map of my route (a rough approximation because i had no idea where i was going and i don’t really remember street names) it’s right here.

tomorrow i am shipping my bike back to port angeles. sad sad. but now i have to write my carver essay.

the end