send me back to where i came from

i’m leaving california in just a few hours! it’s going to be great! i just hope i can sneak my skateboard on to the plane as a third carry-on instead of having to pay 50 freaking dollars to check an extra bag. you know what this means? i’ve did a year of graduate school without dropping out! i deserve a plaque i think. or at least some money.

speaking of money: a guy i go to school with, a really completely cool guy, is doing the aids/lifecycle which i guess is this insane bike ride from here to la to raise money for aids research. aids being a sucky thing world wide and bike riding being a cool thing and steven being an even COOLER thing, i am donating some of my hard-earned work study money to him and YOU SHOULD TOO. just go here. i know i’m not a big one for causes. i’m more of a person who complains a lot about things and also makes fun of people (futilely?) trying to fix problems. but for some reason i am really into the idea of this bike ride. i’m a little worried that is just because i recently decided bike riding is my favorite thing again and not because i am at all altruistic. which is actually probably the case. and maybe it is that guilt that has convinced me that i myself should do the aids/lifecycle next year. you know, because my one 25 mile ride really qualifies me to ride 90 miles for 5 days. exactly. well, who knows. anyway, steven gave me a ride home almost every wednesday night this year, probably saving me from getting jumped or recruited by drug dealers and prostitutes. so if you value me as a non-broken/non-drug dealer/non-prostitute, give steven some money. i’m serious!

now i am going to get breakfast. after which i will watch cable tv until it’s time for me to leave. it’s going to be great.


in case you weren’t sure: my grandpa IS the coolest grandpa:

check out how famous he is.