real real here

here are some things about port angeles:

it is making me very tired.

all i want to do is play spider solitaire all day long.

i have already watched seasons 1 and 2 of the wire.

my mom bought a 13 pound halibut off a guy in the rite aid parking lot named tuna dan.

i’m starting my job tomorrow.

this weekend is the juan de fuca festival. imagine divinci days (or the festival the liberal faction of YOUR small town put on every year) except smaller, $13 a day and without the cute boys you know in the teenage battle of the bands. in fact, i haven’t seen any face painting either. this afternoon i was part of a packed house for “music therapy” up at the art center. what is music therapy? apparently it is 2 guys and a woman improvising music around whatever person they bring up on stage. it involves singing gibberish in strange voices. a lot of gibberish.

the county fair is in june. who wants to come up here and ride the swings with me? okay but what if we chew tobacco?

i found someone to take me to raymond carver’s grave. allegedly there is an empty spot next to him saved for tess gallagher.

anyway, it isn’t really horrible here or anything. i’ve been lifting my mom’s weights while i watch the wire so maybe i can go into the police force by the end of the summer. and it IS cold here but it also smells like a campground. in a good way.

well, as soon as i can get to the wireless internet i will post some pictures of the motel where the manager yelled at me for trying to take pictures of his pool. but now i have to go eat some halibut.