souvenir coal from the titanic

i started my job sunday. sadly there is not a single boy working with me, especially not the cute not-completely-filthy nature-type boy i was planning on falling in love with this summer. i guess that boy is somewhere else. maybe he isn’t into jobs that involve taking money from passing cars 5 days a week for 3 months.

other than the lack of romantic possibility, i don’t think the job will be too bad. for one thing, at least the passing cars are passing through the woods. for another, i get to wear a hat and a badge with my name on it. also i get a paycheck. and i am pretty sure there will at least be some peripheral cute boys, working other jobs or at least driving through the booth. my mom says that there is a cute boy in my dad’s work crew and sometimes she is right about stuff like that. also sometimes she is very very wrong.

and maybe by the end of the summer i will have come up with some way to actually implement my road trip to san francisco plan.

i think the reason pa makes me tired is because nothing ever happens here. not in necessarily a bad way or anything, just it is very quiet and everyone is very calm. there isn’t much to get worked up about i guess, except for strangers taking pictures of your dirty hotel pool maybe, so everyones hearts beat really slowly and they are just one step away from being asleep at all times. this is very scientific. yesterday i went with my parents across the straight of juan de fuca to victoria and i swear it was just as mellow there, only warmer, bigger and in canada. i fell asleep 3 times: in the imax movie about the titanic, on a lawn in from of the big courthouse-type building and on the ferry back to america.

which reminds me: maybe i can make friends with some homeland security officers. i wonder which bar they go to.