yes ma'am

today an australian boy called me ma’am and then asked me if i lived in the woods. there is something about this uniform. i’m getting ma’am-ed all over the place. very different from the macdonalds uniform i wore with such pride in my youth or the lifeguard bikini of those post-high school summers. if only these people knew where they were throwing all this respect. though i have to say it helps me out. if some sickeningly attractive australian boy talked to me in real life, i would probably immediately start wailing and fall into the fetal position. but looking like a ranger, an AUTHORITY FIGURE one might even say, i almost held up my end of the conversation. i was dignified. i even waited until two seconds after he said, “thanks lizzy” (the first person in 3 days who has gone so far as to read my name-tag) (true, ‘lizzy’ might slightly cut down on my credibility) and drove away before i turned around and said to my 80-year-old co-worker, “oh my god did you see how hot that guy was? did you hear his accent?”

as usual, i’m really growing up.