the germans and people from idaho

everyday i have to drive at least twice on a treacherous and curvy road around a big old lake. the speed limit is a reasonable 35 miles per hour to cut down on the deaths cause by missing a turn and driving through a guard rail into very deep, very cold water. as many people know, my history of driving has made me extremely cautious. i always, especially in conditions i consider “likely to be fatal”, drive the speed limit. however, i seem to be one of the few citizens who routinely drive the lake to respect the sanctity of my own life. not so the log truck drivers, owners of rvs bigger than two story buildings, motorcyclists and horrid population of idaho. the last few times i have been tailgated (tonight after dark for added excitement) until i pulled over, the car speeding away had idaho plates. i know idaho is the closest place in america to hell but is that any reason to nearly kill me 3 times a day?

idaho, consider yourself warned. if it weren’t for my friend quinn who is allegedly from there, i would begin an internet campaign to sell idaho to iran so we could nuke you more ethically. and don’t get too comfortable. i think quinn might really be from wisconsin. so stop tailgating me. i swear. you’re getting worse than the germans.