you don't know which page to turn to, do you?

after dinner tonight my mom and my dad and i got ice cream cones and went and checked out raymond carver’s grave. there is a book in a box at the site that you can write in and someone wrote this note: “tess-get over it.” mean but maybe a little right. she has a gravestone, already inscribed, right next to his. she writes him notes in the book alongside the fans and 30 day sober guys in rehab in pa. if i were going to write her a note it might be, “tess-dead is dead. knitting is probably a healthier hobby.”

my new favorite activity is lifting my mom’s 5 lb and 8 lb weights while watching the wire.

i might have to work 7 days in a row in 2 weeks, and maybe i’ll get overtime and then maybe i can buy this really cool wetsuit with a zip-off hood. after that i’ll be a surfer for sure.

i’m going to just say that i thought knocked up was bad for america and i expect more out of the creator of freaks and geeks. if you want to see an original movie about unwanted pregnancy, i’d go with waitress. it has jeremy sisto and some decent writing and it looks really good. and it isn’t based on faulty logic, which is something we as americans need to fight against.

working for the government is making me very patriotic. tomorrow when i raise the flag i think i might say the pledge of allegiance to the clear cut across the road. without “the under god” part of course.