i have no opinion about this

today i went to seasonal training for the park. unremarkable really except it was slightly different than my normal job of sitting in a small booth, alone, in the forest. today i sat in a room with a lot of biology majors. i was still sitting but not alone.

what is the story with biology majors v. english majors? i was just telling my dad that when i was at lc and then by extension, my whole life, i have had about 1 friend in the biology department. well, both my parents are science-type people. but what is it with those science-y kids and their gore tex and college outdoors positivity? i mean, they are the ones who were always standing outside the library drinking water instead of vodka from their water bottles and smiling like they know some answer about something while all the english majors were chain smoking and drinking the vodka and glaring at the guy who may or may not have given them herpes and coming up with theories about how it didn’t even matter if he did because nothing is good and no one exists anyway.

personally i think it’s the scientific method. it works for biologists. they ask a question, do an experiment and find an answer. even if it’s not the answer they wanted or anticipated, like hey the ice caps are melting, they still have what for them is a definitive answer. if they have further questions, they refer to the scientific method. which is why they are happy and smiling and content to kayak all the time. they actually DO have the answer.

english majors, who biologists (for all their sunny niceness) consider lazy criminals, are not so lucky. we are generally compelled by the idea that stories are told as a way to try to define and make some sort of sense of the whole thing about being human. because this is an impossible task, we spend 4 years or longer experiencing the intense disappointment of people just like us, people who HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO SAY but who cannot quite figure out what it is or how to say it. it’s a sad life but i think a more realistic one. and you know, it isn’t horrible. some of the attempts at communication are pretty f-ing great. but we don’t get any tangible answers.

all that said, there are some pretty cute boys who LOVE the scientific method so i am going to try to pretend that my heart is not hardened against anyone who believes in anything.

another thing: i went strawberry picking yesterday if you are wondering just how wholesome my country life is. it’s like REALLY wholesome.