what the heck

here are some of the really great things about port angeles:

1. my parents still own a tape deck so i can listen to all the surviving tapes of my old radio show. i can’t believe that people used to make fun of the covered wagon radio show! it might be the best thing i ever did!

2. actually the second best: my mom keeps ambushing me with boxed-up things i have been saving since i was 6 years old. today she found a snow globe i made sometime in the 90’s. instead of snow i used blue glitter. something–maybe the glycerin or whatever it was i used to make the glitter fall more slowly, maybe the dye in the glitter–has turned the water pink. the only thing that is still immediately visible inside the jar is plastic snow-covered fir tree with a proportionally huge plastic fly glued to its side. if you look really closely though you can see a slug and a bowling pin glued next to the tree. correct. i should have gone to art school.

3. tomorrow i am SERIOUSLY going surfing.

4. so far, being here less than a month, i have met at least 4, MAYBE MORE, nice, friendly, completely cute boys who AREN’T ALCOHOLICS. compare that to the 2 maybe 3 nice, friendly, completely cute boys who weren’t alcoholics i’ve met total in 4 years in portland and 10 months in san francisco. it’s completely insane. is this where the boys all live? they remind me of those good boys from corvallis back when i liked them so much, before they moved to cities and started being mean to girls. maybe there is something about bigger cities that turns boys into heartless beasts and girls into pathetic baby deer. or occasionally the opposite. i went out last night to a bar here for the first time this summer to get a beer with my one port angeles friend. i met him through his brother who i met through jessie who knew him through the hardcore seattle non-profit scene. this is an example of an incredibly unnecessarily nice pa person: i met him at a close-friend type party at his house that his brother invited me to back in november. the next time i was in town i went out and got a beer with both brothers and some of their friends and the next day they invited me to go sledding. these boys had no reason to be friendly at all. in fact, if some how i was forced into having an awkward stranger at a party at my house, i would maybe say “yah we should hang out” and then rationalize never calling them ever again. but not in port angeles. so last night we went to a place called peaks pub and one of the other sledding guys was there and i got an ipa with a skull on the tap. also i met a girl going to a unitarian seminary in oakland and a guy who is about to start interning on an educational tall ship that travels around the puget sound all summer. they were all so unembarrassed to be nice to each other. and instead of getting drunk, instead of even getting a beer, the tall ship guy tried to play that lame camp cup game with my beer glass and then tricked me into touching old gum under the table. i would have proposed to him on the spot except that in the past week or so i have felt the same deep, unbreakable love for many many people: 5 back-country rangers, the sequim bike mechanic who told me i need a new chain, the owner of the surf shop, a guy at blockbuster, a waiter.

5. the covered wagon radio show. i’m serious about this. it’s perfect and it’s only playing at my parents’ house.

6. my parents are both really good at cooking, which is somehow balancing out their tendency to wake me up at hours of the day that should be dark but aren’t because port angeles is farther north then you’d think. also they both like arrested development. and they pretend to be interested when i explain my theories about things for long amounts of time without taking many breaths. and they pay for me to receive various types of health care. and i like them both a lot.

look. i’m as surprised as you. i expected this summer to be awful. which once again proves that keeping your expectations low is the only way to get through life. oh man, now my past self is playing a song from godspell. this is amazing. i’ve got to go.