[euphomium music]

yesterday my cat puked up a red twist tie. i remember her as a little sharper back in 4th grade when i picked her out at the humane society. i guess that’s what happens when you get old.

also yesterday i went surfing. or i played around in the water in a wetsuit with a surfboard. it was fun though and i saw a huge bald eagle harassing a seagull right over my head. i’ve never seen a bald eagle so close. it’s wing span was longer than i am tall.

now i have to go to work. there was something else though.

oh last night i was woken up by some lady screaming obscenities at some guy. it was surprising. i wake up like that a lot in san francisco but this is port angeles. what the heck.

and b) i saw on facebook that this guy i had a massive crush on for about 2 weeks when i was 16 in africa now lives in san francisco. THAT is strange.