movies circa '98

i got back this afternoon from my epic backpacking adventure with birch: escape from third beach. did you know i am AMAZING at fire building? except that for some reason it occurred to me that our fire pit might be cooler with rocks on the bottom. i knew that that was either a really good idea or a really bad one. here’s some news: hot rocks explode.

otherwise on tuesday i went to blockbuster video and they were selling a lot of old vhs movies. the deal $5 for as many movies as you could fit into a little plastic bag . the counter guy kept challenging me to fill my bag fuller. i believe i got at least 12 movies INCLUDING from justin to kelly, mary kate and ashley’s space camp adventure, THE BABYSITTERS’ CLUB, CIRCLE OF FRIENDS and well, a bunch more. before birch left we watched the babysitters’ club. there were a couple problems with the movie version of that insidious preteen book series but the biggest one was having a kimmy gibler look-alike play stacy. come ON. stacy is boy crazy not ugly.

you are probably getting a movie featuring america’s favorite twins at space camp for your birthday. somebody must really like you.