submit to the dominant paradigm, dude

i’m eating some ice cream right now even though i am taking this medicine that bars me from dairy at certain hours of the day. certain hours like this one. but this is ice cream, right? not milk. i think i read somewhere ice cream doesn’t quite count as dairy if it has fudge in it.

today i got hit by a car on my bike. or i sort of hit the car i guess. i was going a little faster than this car and i had been sort of behind it, on the left hand shoulder, for about 2 blocks, but i was gaining on it when, right before an intersection, it occurred to me that maybe the reason i was beating the car was because it was turning and hadn’t seen me. at that point i pulled on my brakes hard so as not to be completely destroyed by grill of the car. instead i skidded and smashed into right behind the back door as the car turned into me and flew off my bike.

best part of the story: the car didn’t stop. NO ONE stopped. here in port angeles where the policemen know people by name, not a single car stopped to see if i was okay. no one came out of the restaurant that i had crashed in front of. after i got out of the street and i was standing on the corner crying and bleeding, 2 people walked by and didn’t even make eye contact with me. the only person who talked to me was the guy sitting outside the coffee shop i went to to clean off my bloody knee, and then it was only because i said, “will you watch my bike? i just got hit by a car.”

san francisco may be full of mean boys and bad drivers, but when someone gets smashed up by car, people stop. of course, san francisco is also a town that LIKES bicycles. port angeles is where an 8 year old yelled at my dad, “get a car, dude.” i’ve seen people here get angry at the idea of recycling. once during a cold spell i read a letter to the editor saying. “if anyone still believes in global warming, maybe they should go outside.” obviously therefore, here, alternative transportation is considered a threat to freedom.

i think it’s pretty obvious that part of the reason i got hit was i was in the blind spot of the car who was turning and on the shoulder instead of in the lane. but still i think it might be time for me to join port angeles’ critical mass. of course, i may be killed by any number of locals embracing their right to a concealed lethal weapon, but i’m kind of interested to see what happens. and who shows up. and if they wear costumes.