super sun

in port angeles washington you can get all the supplies you need for your own resort get-away for only $20 plus tax. if the supplies you need are hideous revlon sunglasses and a molded plastic wading pool.

i really wish i could show you the pictures of the sweet set-up i have for my 2 days off in the record-breaking heat (which is in the comfortable 90’s here, not in the incompatible-with-life 120’s like some places) but i am too lazy to do the plugging in and minor thinking it would require to upload them to my parents’ computer, and the coffee shop in town has wireless that only works if i am the only person using it. quirky and cute small town wireless.

anyway, my friend clare-marie informed me about this little wikipedia entry. first guess what it’s about. then tell me if you think it’s an inside job.