don't believe the hype

this evening i went and watched sicko, the new michael moore movie, with my parents. (people i work with today accused me of being both a hippy AND a democrat because i’ve been driving a subaru. apparently my commie soul is poking out of my uniform. but at least i come by it genetically.) i am not a michael moore hater, even though in some of the cooler circles (my coworkers would NOT believe this) his constant cute sarcasm and hyper opinions and over-all optimism are considered slightly embarrassing. these are the people of course who only like bands who don’t have record deals but who really really want a record deal for themselves even though their band hasn’t started practicing yet because no one will understand their music and they don’t want some record company to get a hold of their genius. where am i going with that?

i liked this movie anyway. i usually like michael moore’s movies. i like that he’s obnoxious. i think in a way he’s pointing out that there are certain times when it is a good idea to be obnoxious. the health care system in this country is fucked up. theoretically, i’m not necessarily for health care at all, but i still think if someone gets it, we all should. and hey i just took some medicine. we should all get health care. the real thing about sicko though is how much it reminded me that we all should just get out while we still can. this summer i have completely removed feel-good television shows from my tv menu (except the occasional disc of northern exposure) and lately i have been on a strict deadwood/oz diet. both shows are worthy of watching because in both shows NOTHING GOOD EVER HAPPENS. ultimately anyway. i mean, there are those moment when trixie the prostitute and sol the jew seem to be happy together in the hardware store. or when ryan o’reily gets cured of breast cancer. but then in the next scene someone gets knifed in the thoroughfare and ryan o’reily has the doctor’s husband killed.

the upshot of this being: the old west and prison are both tough places that are pretty much all-american. i love those places. but i think it’s time to move to canada.