i've made a huge mistake

okay so i’ve been listening to the new-ish shins album, wincing the night away, at least twice a day for a couple weeks now. i can’t stop. it’s blowing my mind. i love that cd. seriously. but today i randomly heard a song by the british pop star mika and i figured, what the heck, why not branch out and buy a new cd? this one seems catchy, listen-able, good for the car. so i bought it. and okay, it’s catchy and listen-able but on the second go-through i realized it is also complete crap that a third grader with a computer and the intern for a swedish songwriter could turn out in a week. $14 for cardboard music. at least the lyrics are so obvious that i can already sing along with every song. i’m pretty sure this is focused-grouped for 11-year-olds. oh well.

otherwise i am spending my day off stapling things and now watching/listening to the audio of that jerk csi guy beat a photographer and then harass him for 15 minutes while the photographer gets denied any sort of help by the fine people of la. all this violence against the paparazzi is stupid. okay, maybe it’s stupid that i even know who the dourdan guy from csi is (his character had a gambling problem on the show, see: a waste of my brain cells), and maybe the fact that i read celebrity gossip is nonsense, but guess what, THE GOSSIP IS WHAT MAKES THEM CELEBRITIES. it isn’t like gary dourdan is an artist. csi isn’t exactly shakespearean theater. without the public interest, without the people who take his picture when he’s out at a nightclub in la, he wouldn’t be famous. i don’t know the guy personally but i get the feeling that an asshole riding a ducati around hollywood isn’t trying to lead a normal low-key life. apparently he’s even stupider than most of today’s young fame-coveters. parishilton may be a waste of space and a drunk driver but at least when she sees a guy with a camera she doesn’t pretend to hate him. she knows without the camera guy she would just be a ridiculously rich girl and not a girl with her own word (celebutante, a very awful word but still a word) who many people care about more than their own mothers. gary dourdan should figure it out: if you want to be famous, you don’t get to choose when you are famous. if you don’t want people taking your picture, stop being on a widely watched network television crime drama. move out of la. don’t go to super hip nightclubs. however, beating up and then terrorizing the guy who basically pays your bills is not the most spectacularly thought-out strategy for anonymity.