me with a famous person's bones

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DSCN1497.JPG, originally uploaded by bang bang smash smash.

this is raymond carver and me and my ice cream cone, way back in june. today i am in seattle (the land of fast wireless on every block) where i am visiting people and distributing issues of tramp quarterly. hypothetically anyway. in the past few days i have done a lot of exciting things, exciting to me anyway because they involved me socially interacting with people who aren’t my parents. i love my parents of course but so does buster from arrested development and so i think it is important to hang out with people besides them, such as: my friend clare-marie from state and her friend melanie came through town and stayed over and ate indian food with me and melanie got to play footsie with an semi-retarded waiter. wait i mean “got to”.

then there was the evening of burritos and negro modelo and watching one tough law enforcer play halo up at the house where some of my fellow employees work. then the NEXT night i went out to the majorest coolest hang out of the other law enforcers and drank beer and ate pizza with a bunch of tough guys over 40 who i am considering as possible husbands. after the beer/pizza we went to pirates of the caribbean 3 and i got to watch the same tough guys over 40 giggle at a very stupid monkey. then some how my back country ranger friend and i convinced the tough guys to go with us to my favorite local bar, reggie’s. it has erotica on the walls. i won 2 games of pool and wrote a bunch of haikus. so it was awesome.

and today, yes, i am in seattle at jessie’s house. and i am very tired from all this going to bed past 9 pm business. in less then a month i am quitting my job.