my brother is a smart guy

here is what my brother said right before he admitted to agreeing with me that the movie crash is bad for america: “well, it LOOKS good. and don cheadle’s a really good actor.”

have you met my brother? he’s pretty much the greatest. he was holding off on watching crash because he’s been hearing me scream about it since the dark day my friend ian and i went to a free screening. and that was a dark dark day. but mikey, my brother, just couldn’t decide if he should watch it or not. and yesterday he did and now for the rest of our lives we will have another important thing in common: we strongly dislike paul haggis and the offensively stupid anti-anti-racist money machine he calls a movie.

also we have similar genes.

otherwise i basically just had the sweetest olympic national park fake-weekend ever that included:

1. canoeing twice on lake mills.
2. walking for 2.5 miles in the forest to look at hot springs.
3. walking back.
4. walking 2 miles on the top of a mountain to see more mountains.
5. walking back.
6. hanging out with my dad.
7. eating cheeseburgers.
8. hanging out with ranger guys.
9. trying to decide if i like greg the bunny.
10. riding my bike.

i’m leaving here in 2 weeks. that is insane. this medicine i am taking is giving me a weird heat rash. i wish i was always canoeing.