every one of you is fired

the thing with jobs and interacting with a streaming horde of human
beings all day long is that it’s hard to retain any sort of respect for
the race. i have a nice family and nice friends and come from a pretty
decent and reasonable place. so sometimes i forget that most people have
horrible families and back-stabbing friends and come from a bouncy
castle in hell.


i know that sometimes people
write things they shouldn’t write in blogs and then they get fired from
their jobs. i only have a couple days left of mine but still, i don’t
really want to get fired. the federal government doesn’t fuck around.
and i’m not just saying that. i’ve heard about what they are doing in colombia.

on a very related note: my dad just found this
, which proves i am can anticipate science, probably
because i grew up without a tv.

anyway, what i’m saying is i think we must have reached a critical point in american culture where the country’s collective brain has finally started to seep out the ears of its collective head. on the canadian news radio station the other day i heard this story: after desert storm the cia was charged with the job of creating conditions to make it possible to over-throw saddam hussein. the cia out-sourced this job to a us public relations firm that created an astro turf organization, the iraqi national congress, with its lead guy being ahmed chalabi. ahmed chalabi then made up a bunch of crazy stories about weapons of mass destruction, etc and the cia, who were basically PAYING THIS DUDE TO LIE TO THEM, believed him, or pretended to and now, in case you don’t remember, iraq is a bombed-out wasteland. mission accomplished. everyone knows that.

in a country where the government rationalizes murder by paying people
to tell them lies, is it really surprising that most of its people are
living in constant state of smaller-scale, more personal, cheaper,
cognitive dissonance?


yesterday i heard a girl go on a 3 minute tirade against black people for wanting to be called african americans, brought on by my comment that it might not be appropriate to call asian
people “orientals” if you aren’t living in 1956. when she was done i
asked why she cared so much. her answer had something to with her not
asking to be called a german-american though i think what she meant to
say is “it makes me feel like i belong to something when i pick of a
group of people i know nothing about and tear them down for awhile.”

and i know what she meant to mean. my feelings about the germans are well-publicized, mainly because i want the acceptance of the larger german-hating community. however, i am still trying to accept the inherent humanity in everyone, including christians and people from idaho and hey, even racists and 19-year-olds.

this is my new motto about that: just because i don’t like you doesn’t mean i want you to die.

however, at this time, i can’t extend that sentiment much further.