the truman show

am i the only person out there getting supremely excited for the upcoming season of the hills? i completely forgot about it and now, without warning, it is almost back on! i’m not kidding. the hills is the weirdest thing on mtv. lauren conrad is the least compelling heroine ever created: the most normal girl to ever make it on to a successful reality tv show. WHY HER? it makes no sense! and yet, it’s awesome! she’s been the main character on a reality series since she was like 17 or 18 and she was so rich and privileged already when it started, she doesn’t seem at all surprised that she should be filmed every freaking day of her life or that should be given token internships for which she is only minimally qualified and an incredible apartment and never get a legitimate paycheck in the mail. though mtv must be paying her. and she can’t need to buy too many drinks. and she probably gets her clothes for free too, since she wears them on television. she obviously eats only when it is scripted, on dates with eligible bachelors. anyway, i can’t put into words why it is this nutso piece of garbage does it for me and my work-induced headache is getting beyond bearable. i’ll be in portland on the 18th. where will you be?