rabbit run run run

i’m trying to pack up my stuff. you know what is hard to pack? a skateboard. i’m leaving on saturday and friday is my last day of work. today is my only day off and i am suddenly very tired. not because i stayed up late last night though. last night i was PLANNING on staying up late and drinking beer with my 2 over-40 ranger friends but then one of them decided he was too tired and the other one was just too nervous to be around me alone for any extended period of time. he wouldn’t say so but i make him very nervous. so we saw the bourne ultimatum and called it a night. though not before i somehow managed to pick up the bill for dinner, which was $49. the older the person i’m hanging out with and the more obvious it is that they should be paying for me, the more insanely driven i am to pay for them. that’s just how i roll. so this guy is a 52-year-old home owner, it makes sense that i quickly pay the bill while he is in the bathroom. the best part though was when i realized my checking account was down to $52 and i had to decide if i was willing to put the tip on my card, therefore overdrawing my checking account, just to look mature. in the past i may have done this but the new me, the me who actually HAS a little bit of money, drew the line. when he came back i informed him he would have to pay the tip in cash.

there are words you might use to describe my interactions with this older ranger. classy, mature, reasonable: not those words. before we even went to dinner i forced him to swear me in as a junior ranger.

port angeles is a nice place. but it’s just about time for me to leave town.