today i rode in 3 separate law enforcement vehicles, with 3 different law enforcer guys and 3 completely distinct shot guns. i got to flip on the lights at one point. i feel much more qualified now, as a junior ranger.

the other thing i did was go to the clallam county fair. with a totally other ranger. i love rangers. i’m their biggest groupie. i think they are all constantly scared that i am going to get on someones shoulders and lift up my shirt. and that is a reasonable fear. anyway, the fair had one pretty awesome thing (if you don’t count teenagers on meth as a pretty awesome thing because if you do it had 300 pretty awesome things) and that was a CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL TRIBUTE BAND!!! my ranger friend and i watched basically the whole show. including the highly suggestive guitar solo and the unplugged run/extended fall through the sparse crowd.

tomorrow my mom is making me a birthday dinner. i feel a little bit sad to be leaving though i think what i am feeling could also be: tiredness, hunger, a spike in my baseline feeling of embarrassment or a reaction to these antibiotics i’m on.

oh well.