the rapture

the one thing i have really accomplished in my time in pa is getting familiar with the local dive bar reggie’s. okay so i’ve only really been there twice but tonight i am going for my third time and that almost makes me a regular. it’s the soft-core 80’s erotica on the walls that does it for me. and the native american dude who does acapella karaoke.

today was my last day of work. for the past week or so i’ve been saying goodbye to people because i think i won’t be seeing them again and then running into them later, over and over. i’ve had at least 5 heartfelt goodbyes with one guy. it’s getting embarrassing. like if i saw him tonight i’d have to pretend i didn’t know him. i got 2 bullet proof vest hugs today. that is a whole new thing. super protection from friendly love. it makes me think of the day my high school physics teacher told the class that everything was surrounded by an energy field. you know, ions or something scientific. i’ve forgotten the unimportant specifics because what he was telling us was: nothing ever touches anything else. we cannot literally touch each other. it’s just the field around me touching the field around you. i was a pretty dramatic 16-year-old and there are reports that i broke in to tears.

i’m really going to miss my cat giro. she’s so old now. who knows if she’ll be around when i get back. she seems pretty healthy though. she could go on forever, just to irritate my mom who still regrets the moment of weakness when she decided to let us get a cat. though for all her bluster, i think my mom secretly likes the cat. my only evidence for this is that giro is REALLY cute, especially when she’s asleep. and EVERY one likes cute things. and my mom is a member of everyone. so. a simple logical proof.

okay so it should be almost time for my friend to show up and for us to go to reggie’s. tomorrow i’ll be in oregon. i hear that the sticker that looks like my tattoo just keeps getting more popular there. great. i’m pretty sure my mom warned me something like this would happen.