train wreck

seriously. i come to portland and my life falls apart. for example. my savings account was closed today because of “excessive transactions”. apparently i deserve to be punished for getting my check directly deposited into my account. and even though i signed up for paperless notifications, washington mutual, the evilest, was allegedly sending notices to my brother’s house telling me how they were taking $10 out of my account every couple of weeks and then about how they were going to shut down the whole operation. brilliant. why would i want to receive a notice like that electronically, washington mutual? why? when i asked for my notifications online, i just meant whenever it worked out for you! of course, it is my fault that i haven’t changed my address a year after i moved away and also my fault that i didn’t notice $50 slowly slipping out of my savings account.

so i’m out $50 and now i have a whole new savings account and as soon as i get it together to switch to a credit union, washington mutual has one less customer.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! my financial aid check was supposed to be deposited yesterday but surprise surprise, no check. i’ve been thinking about this because i haven’t even seen my award. hey lizzy, maybe you should have thought harder about this. a little bit sooner. i just called the financial aid number and found out that my financial aid award has been cancelled! because i never returned my award letter! which i never got! probably because it’s in san francisco! or maybe it’s in portland! or washington! maybe some trash compacter somewhere! maybe it never existed! who knows! i sure never saw it!

i haven’t said anything lately about how much i hate money. but i really do. i really really do. also having 3 addresses where my mail is sent and only ever living at one of them seems to be causing me huge problems. i really hope that i figure this out so i can, you know, FINISH SCHOOL.

okay i’m going to go cry for an hour or so. tomorrow i am heading to eugene and then the next day, san francisco.

it’s pretty amazing how seriously sucky i am at life.