from the outside

i just got off the phone with my ranger friends. i really miss those guys. and the girl one too. all they have is adventures. though so do i. like last night i took the coast starlight train from eugene, oregon to oakland, california. the guy sitting next to me was an attractive young tai chi instructor living in northern california. he seemed like your average new age-y type-guy: he was reading a book on chinese astrology when i first sat down and later he was reading a different book about “spirit”. he also had a lot of hip looking used gear and one of those peruvian poncho sweatshirts. he sat down next to me in the observation car while i was watching my computer charge and making sure no one stole it and said, “i used to steal a lot when i was a kid.” he’d just gotten done having this long conversation with a 94-year-old man and even from a ways off i could tell he was just talking to the dude because he liked the way he looked talking to an old man and the way it would sound later when he told his tai chi buddies about the wisdom they had shared. then he told me about breaking into people’s houses and cars and messing with their stuff and taking their oakleys. after he got off in the morning i realized he had 2 pillows while i had none. he also had a blanket. the only times i really slept the whole cold uncomfortable night were when he came too far over on my side of the seat and inadvertently warmed me up with the side of his leg or his back. i don’t know what his name was.

now i’m back in gray california. all my clothes are somewhere else. i’m trying to sell my printer on craigslist and tomorrow i think i might take my mom’s grocery carrier to best buy and get a new one. maybe i’ll go to the grocery store first. i also need a surge protector, another bookshelf and a cd holder. i could tie a bookshelf to the back of my bike, don’t you think? or carry it in one hand?

yes. i need to go to sleep immediately.