it's happening again

i went to the taco truck today and guess what, while i was gone they won an award and raised the price of tacos $.25. not only that, the restaurant behind the taco truck took down their “grand opening” sign that’s been up since last august. don’t blink your eyes in the mission; things are changing.

also i went on some important trips on this, my final day before school starts. first i went to best buy and bought this ridiculous printer/scanner/copy machine. not that it hasn’t always been my dream to own a copy machine, but seriously? there were literally no straight printers. i didn’t even need color. i’m a writer for crying out loud. though it could be sweet to have a scanner too. after lugging it home in my fancy bag lady cart (mom: i said “fancy”), i got on my bike and headed up to this store i saw the other day called “books and bookshelves” or something like that. there i bought a wooden cube-y thing. the guy loaned me a bungee cord and i bungee-d it to the back of my bike.


i am super ready for school. i also took the cart on a whirlwind vacation to trader joe’s. it’s almost like back in elementary school, buying pencils and binders and stuff. except that i’m paying. which cuts down on the fun a little.

i’ve been riding my bike too much so my forehead is turning into a disaster area. tomorrow is my first day as a ta and all my semi-respectable clothes are still on there way to california. so i’ll probably be showing up in stretch pants with no crotch left and a tweed jacket that is about 3 sizes too small for me. at least that’s the current plan.

well i’m making brownies to go with the raspberries i bought at the store. so i better make sure i’m not burning down the house.