on my 19th first day of school

i’m pretty good at first days of school, if you want to know. today i took a less-used bus route to campus so i could save money and avoid the bart. first i went to the humanities building, which is basically my at-school home, and talked to my boss at work and figured out tentative hours. then i ate my SELF-PACKED lunch and went to the classroom of a class i was seriously coveting, creative non-fiction: my dream class, about 30 minutes early and sat in the most prime of seats, as close as possible to where i imagined the teacher would be. my guess was correct and i spent the whole class being the most amazing student she had ever seen until at the end, even though i should have still technically been on the waitlist, the teacher handed me the book and let me in. that reminded me a little of making a soccer team or getting a job. i’m still severely cheery when i think about it. this class is going to probably be the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. even including braces and my brother, 2 pretty great things that at one time happened to me.

after that i went to the class i am ta-ing for. it’s called “introduction to short stories” and i get to lead a bunch of workshop-type discussions for undergrads. maybe it will be brutal or maybe it will be my calling. as usual, it could go either way. but i’m expecting it to be interesting. i had a beer with my fellow teachers after class and felt very adult about the whole thing, especially because the actual teacher is in her late 20’s and married and the other ta is in his 30’s and a contributing member of society.

all together, even including the 10 minutes in my first class when it was too hot and i took off my sweater and realized my cleavage was far far too craigslist casual encounter photo for school, and the fact that i am having a weird acne-medicine middle school style break out on half my face, it was a successful first day. tomorrow i have work and drawing and grammar. it turns out that i will have a 4 day weekend EVERY WEEK, except when i work at poetry readings. amazing i know. i just joined flexcar. when the financial aid comes through, i’m going on vacation.