conjunction junction

i took my bike to school for the first time today. it turned out to be pretty great after i finally found the road i was looking for. which took awhile and involved my second-ever trip to city college, the first being the first day of school last year when i got lost looking for muni and used the very unsuccessful navigational tool called “following a walking hoard of people”. anyway, i doubt i’ll be taking my bike to school much because while it is fun, it’s not actually very convenient and i will be tempted to do what i did today, which was: after school i took a bus i didn’t know and ended up at golden gate park and then some how on top of a hill with university of san francisco. that place is fancy. and i mean faaaaaaaan-cy. it looks like lewis & clark from what i saw but richer. all the colors were brighter and the hill was higher and i swear there were gold bricks underneath the well-appointed planters. i almost got hit by 3 convertibles just while i stood there on the sidewalk and stared at the place.

anyway, i finally un-lost myself (i was lost this whole time, by the way) and ended up at this burger stand sort of close to my house that i’ve never been to before called “whiz burger”. it’s similar to dick’s in seattle except that the fries aren’t as good and they serve teriyaki and it is incredibly ghetto. probably because it is literally in the ghetto. while i was eating, a shriveled and hunched homeless woman sort of humped over to me and asked for $.50 so she could buy a lighter and when i shook my head she said, “i’m sorry. and now i’m pissing myself.” but the burger was tasted pretty good.

also today i started grammar and drawing and got back all the book arts books that my class made last semester. soon i will look at them. this also means i have a VERY FEW of my book killer left, so if you want one, let me know.

i seriously can’t wait until i know everything about grammar. though i have to say, even on the first day, my old linguistics teacher (he’s not old, he’s just a teacher i had awhile ago, okay? geeze) would be freaking out if he could hear the hard-line prescriptive things this teacher is talking about. but she’s a nice lady and to move on with the comp certificate you have to get an a or a b in the class, so i don’t feel like telling her she should change the name of the class from “grammar and rhetoric of the sentence” to “grammar and rhetoric of the oppressor”.

when i’m a teacher though, maybe i’ll teach that class.