i've made a huge mistake 2

1. i just noticed a typo in my bookarts book. seriously. i’m just going to pretend that makes it cooler. even though it’s a weird tense error. i spent SO MUCH TIME ON THAT BOOK. i can’t believe i never realized there was one ‘d’ too many. maybe my brain blocked it out because it would have been too traumatic a thing to realize last year. oh man. i can’t believe it.

2. i bought stamps this morning from an automatic postal machine and the last message that appeared after i said i was done was: “it has been a pleasure serving you”. is this some sick robot joke or has the guy who types up the messages lost his mind? stay away from postal machines.

3. a side benefit of my new surge protector is that i can finally plug in the fan my brother and i viciously fought over when i was moving away from portland. which is lucky because it is roughly a million degrees in my room and so now i am keeping it on all the time.

4. i painted the shelf thing i got for my printer to match my desk. i can’t decide if it’s going to look stupid or amazing. the blue paint on my arm looks amazing.