it's chicken

[this is a stolen picture because i didn’t bring my camera along on the ride.]

also: i was on a bike ride out to candlestick point state park just now, during which my life kept trying to squirm out of its mortal coil. and that reminded me that i’ve been meaning to set the record straight: though i have yet to be hit by a car on my bike in san francisco, drivers here are just as stupid and mean as the meth addicted nutcases driving the roads of port angeles. the major difference i would say is that, what with the economy being the way it is here in the city, people have to make a choice between being a car owner or a meth user. so the assholes trying to run me off the road here are calmer and less erratic than those of rural washington, but still pretty scary. for example, yesterday a car full of pretty thuggish looking dudes pulled over so they were driving right next to me, and the passenger looked out the window and said quietly, “get a car.” i was almost positive he was going to shoot me.