it's lonely on my rocket ship

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i road today from the mission to tiburon, this time finding the perfect route through park presidio to the golden gate bridge. i took this picture on the road that goes from the bridge down to sausalito. i didn’t put on sunscreen, which for normal people would just result in a sunburn, but for me, semi-permanently on antibiotics, it meant that during lunch my arms started itching so badly that i couldn’t eat any more and i had to pay my bill and put on a sweatshirt even though it was like 80 degrees out. weird.

on a completely different note: the period inside or outside quotation marks debate (which i’ve been having with myself) has been sort of settled by the appendix to my grammar book. apparently the BRITISH put periods outside quotations but americans are supposed to ALWAYS put them inside. i haven’t decided yet how i feel about this but it reminds me of the story of when my grandma was a young girl and she had nothing good for confession so she made something up. apparently it was a pretty bad something and the priest wouldn’t absolve her. she was extremely upset so she ran home crying to tell her mother who said, “don’t worry frances, just go down the road to the other church and the other priest will definitely absolve you!”

after that, my grandma gave up on religion.