the cops are running late

this is a picture my friend amira took yesterday of me on the ferry trying to escape the death-rays of the sun. today i spent a good part of the day trying to do something about my nose, which in this picture looks purple but in real life looks like the nose of an old-time leper or a late-stage syphilitic. i finally went to rei and bought some clothes to cover my body when i ride my bike and some serious sun block with zinc oxide for my nose, which i plan to wear every day to school, and a bottle of aloe vera that may be gone by tomorrow because i keep reapplying it every 2 seconds. here’s a grammar question: i’m pretty sure i just misused “that” and then compounded the error by putting it in a sentence with “which” used in a correct manner. or is the “which” wrong? or did i do everything right?

please let me know.

one thing i didn’t do today was laundry and if i don’t do it tomorrow then i will have to just stop wearing underwear.

one thing i did do today was sit for a few hours in a coffee shop and do some writing for school. mainly i did research by listening to grateful dead songs and trying to figure out who sings “sugar magnolia.” i think i went with bob weir but i am going to call my dad to verify that. i could be way off.

now i need to reapply aloe vera and watch some oz. oz is the scariest thing i have ever seen by the way. if the law & order watching people of america were to see chris meloni live action peeing in the shower and then informing two similarly naked gangsters that they could, well, have sex with his “girlfriend” tobias whenever they want, i think there would be a different general feeling about the tough but good-hearted detective of the special victims unit. i think oz might be my favorite show of all time but i can only take it in very small doses and in between shots of the hills. it’s the kind of fiction that is way too real to watch all at once.