marconi plays the mamba

this morning i made the mistake of listening to this american life on the way to school. i should have known better. the episode was called “unconditional love.” next time i am crying on the bus, i plan to take a picture.

the teacher of the class i am ta-ing for had to leave for about 5 minutes today and i made the class play heads up 7 up. let me just tell you, there are a few undergraduates at state who could stand to loosen up a little bit. this is beginning fiction, for crying out loud, not tortes and executions 850.

dave matthews road his bike by my friend jade at the gorge over labor day. i’m pretty jealous of her but i’m also glad that it happened to jade because i know she of all people will properly appreciate such an amazing occurrence.

every time i put “built” in my itunes finder thing, when i want to hear built to spill, the jefferson starship hit “we built this city” comes on. which brings up the hard questions: who counts the money? who rides the wrecking ball on two rock guitars?