bang! smash!

i’m lying on the couch watching three kings on tv. who thought that could ever happen? a subversive pre-9/11 movie about how we fucked up the middle east on fx. we’ve really turned a corner.

anyway, this morning i got in a wicked bike accident on my way to tiburon. i was rear ended. it was strange, and i ended up in the hospital. they cut off my clothes and x-rayed my bones and then my uncle came. originally i thought i was going to die. instead this i have this:

and also a pair of paper scrubs. my uncle thinks they might be perfect for next time i need to clean up incriminating evidence so i’m going to hold on to them. my bike, which has served me for 6 years, may not recover. i’m having difficulty walking at the moment and i have bruises all over my body, but instead of dead or paralyzed, i’m alive, which i’m glad about and so, i’m sure, are the people who hit me. though i’m sure they are glad, i don’t know why they hit me, especially because i was incredibly visible and going a pretty steady speed up a slight hill. it will all be clear sooner or later. maybe monday when i call about the police report. because among the uniformed people i spoke with were the police.

anyway, the countdown to my 25th birthday continues and as of 6:57 pm, pst, i am still alive. and i’m still available if marky mark is looking for a wife. and did you know i have a sweater just like the sweater that the torturer is wearing in three kings? i do. it’s government issued.