fight the power

there is a lot of crazy shit going on in our country right now. okay, always and all over the world there is a lot of crazy shit going on. but a guy i go to school with is currently working on helping a man he went to high school with not get put in prison for the next 12 years. the deal is, this guy, a sargent, was injured while he was in the service. he was then consistently misdiagnosed by military doctors and given lots and lots of painkillers to deal with his chronic pain. then he became addicted to them. later, after he left the military, a private doctor diagnosed and fixed his physical injuries and the va stopped his prescription for the painkillers. by this time he was already unable to function without the drugs and he ended up holding up 2 walgreens with an unloaded gun. he turned himself in, and now, because of mandatory minimum sentencing, he is facing 12 years in prison. this seems a little out of proportion for the crime he committed, a crime that didn’t physically injure anyone and that was brought on, basically, by the fact that he decided to risk his life and you know, defend our country. this whole “tough on crime” thing is, of course, a sick joke and i know even worse perversions of justice happen daily. i mean this guy is white and from a reasonably affluent neighborhood. he went to west point. his friends have a website for him. but still, if this is at all distressing to you, it’s possible that calling the da in santa clara or writing him a letter will help out sargent binkley. i called this morning, okay? either way, check out the website. i have to go to school.