happy new year!

i’m really into 3 day weeks. working 5 days a week is for losers. it takes up so much time! time that should be spent out in the world! like today ! when i watched movies!

first: the brothers solomon. okay, obviously this was going to be bad. the opening titles are in comic sans for crying out loud. BUT it’s directed by bob odenkirk! and it stars will arnet! these are funny guys. edgy funny guys! not sell-out not funny funny guys (i’m looking at you kevin james). but the comic sans won out and the movie was worthless pg-13 nonsense. i can’t even really think of a demographic it might appeal too. 8 year olds? with autism?

then tonight my roommate adam and i bought delivery chinese food and watched the tao of steve to celebrate rosh hashanah. i don’t remember liking the tao of steve the first time i saw it and guess what, i didn’t like it this time either. romantic comedies just aren’t doing it for me these days. especially 90’s generation x romantic comedies that try to be smart by quoting philosophers and talking about college and showing shelves full of books. it’s still the same general moral every time, which is: if you are skinny and beautiful enough, an asshole will turn nice just for you. movies and television have completely destroyed any shred of reality in the idea of love. the only movie based on love that i really like at all is brokeback mountain. why is it so freaking difficult for hollywood to be honest about the way people interact with each other? books are better. and i realize that my tired eyes are making it difficult for me to make a real argument about that. or maybe that is brain damage. anyway, here’s the most recent shot of my hot bruise: