how long does it take for contusions to go away? a girl in class today called the massive lump on my knee a contusion and so i’m calling this thing a contusion from now on too. i’m not even looking it up. i trust a stranger that much.

i got home at 9:30 tonight and BOTH of my roommates seem to be asleep. is that strange? what if they were murdered in their beds? more likely they are at a party together and they didn’t want to tell me about it. like i care. whatever.

my second day of teaching wasn’t nearly as bad as my first. it’s not so bad actually. i mean, there are worse things. and speaking of school, tomorrow i have a quiz! a real live test! tests in graduate school are so adorable. i can’t wait to underline adverbials!

and tomorrow my brother is coming to town and so is my ranger friend nicole. and also i plan to work hard on my top secret life plan that will stay top secret for at least a week longer while i implement phase one. hold your breath guys, because this one is probably my best life plan yet.

in other news,i am going to sleep.