he loves your big refrigerator

here is the illustrated version of the past 2 days:

this is me harassing robbie spaulding. i think that’s how he spells his name. he came through with his brother, my brother and their friend chelsea. on their way back from the austin city limits music festival. according to them: austin is NOT as cool as everyone says it is.

my bro mikey and chelsea. it kind of looks like my brother is in the middle of singing an usher song to chelsea but i don’t think that is quite what’s going on. but also, it could be.

this is my ranger friend nicole and me. she came in on wednesday and we drank margaritas at my favorite place for margaritas. the only problem is how strong they are. please notice the junior ranger badges. we wanted to take pictures of us with alcohol and junior ranger badges because the ranger who swore us in seems perpetually worried that we will do something like that. next we will hold up a liquor store while wearing junior ranger badges. sorry olympic national park. we paid our dollars. the badges are ours to wear whenever we want.

here is nicole calling the ranger to tell him what we were doing. those are strong margaritas. after 1 and a half each we called basically the entire park law enforcement staff and an attractive young back country volunteer who we hadn’t seen since may.

in case you missed it: margarita and badge. oh man it is so funny.

this is me with my much taller brother in north beach thursday afternoon. after this mikey and i went and saw eastern promises. it’s pretty awesome. i’m always surprised that viggo mortensen is hot. but he is. every time.

this is the view from the cable car that i rode to the poetry reading i had to work at thursday. i love cable cars. they might be the best part of san francsico. riding them is like riding roller coasters on the street. how could anything be better than that?

one of the best things about having all these visitors was that i finally had people to laugh when i showed them how i hacked my phone and made it an iphone. even if mikey wanted to kill me after the third time i brought it out and pretended to use the touch screen to find something with google maps, i still think my iphone is hilarious.

this is chris spaulding. i’ve been trying to be his girlfriend since he was in 6th grade and i was in 7th. why won’t you open your heart to me chris? kurt steele did and look where he is now. [you might have missed this news: i sort of held hands a boy named kurt steele for about a week when he was in 7th grade and i was in 8th and not too long ago he was on espn.]

not pictured: my contusion holding steady at baseball size; a poetry reading during which i spent a lot of time thinking about the implications of viggo mortensen being clothed during a sex scene and naked during a fight scene in eastern promises; me taking a grammar quiz on an empty stomach and then spending the next rest of forever hoping that i didn’t fail from hunger; my new traveling wilburys cd, which is the best album ever AND NOW I OWN IT; the 16 thousand dollar bill that i got in the mail from marin general hospital; and the groceries i finally bought after 2 weeks of no groceries.