gang land

as a side note to my creepy walk through home last night: i was woken up at about 2:30 am by a screaming girl. people are always screaming on my corner, late night on the weekends. it’s a prime location for blow-out crackhead break-ups. also angry drunk girls slamming car doors. but this girl last night was screaming somewhat differently, and crying too, and it sounded like a couple guys were forcing her into a car that she really didn’t want to be in. she sounded very scared and since it was 2:30 am, she was very loud. i got out of bed, put on my glasses and by the time i got to my window, the people outside were all in the car and then they drove off. so i called the police. i know it might be sort of a weird thing to do but after working at the park this summer, i have this feeling that i am part of the vast network of law enforcers. maybe it’s the junior ranger badge. or the fact that when i get abducted some night, i hope you hear my screams and call the police.

i am perfectly aware that there are less sinister explanations of this incident. well, they are mostly sinister but they aren’t all necessarily about some guys doing violence to a girl. she could have been oding on something; she could have been really beyond drunk drunk and flipping out; she could be schizophrenic. who knows? not me. but maybe, now, the police. i’m a taxpayer after all, and almost 25. which means: i am authorized to call 911. let the bad guys know that. tell them to move their bad guy business elsewhere. tell them that’s what 16th street is for.