everyone hears every little sound

there are a lot of things i didn’t do this weekend. i didn’t crash my bike into anything or get crashed into on my bike by anything either. i didn’t do one single homework assignment that i was supposed to do. i didn’t write anything at all, except for a girl from school’s address so i could find her apartment for a very fancy dinner party. at least one night, i didn’t brush my teeth. i didn’t smoke any cigarettes, even though i was in some prime cigarette smoking locations. i didn’t get robbed or attacked, even though i walked home at around 1:30 am from a bar on dangerous 16th street. i didn’t go see the shins. i didn’t eat any burritos. i didn’t stick to my stated drinking limit of three drinks a day only. i didn’t call any of my grandparents. i didn’t do any cocaine.

i had too much to drink and probably embarrassed myself in front of a bunch of bike messengers. i went to a fancy dinner party where everyone sat on the floor and talked about la. i acted a little bit like my 23 year old self instead of my 25 year old self, but strangely i had a much better time than i used to when i was only 23. maybe because i feel like i have a little bit of control over myself or something, because i spend so much time NOT ruining my life that an occasional moment or two of immaturity doesn’t necessarily mean a whole extended universe of bad choices ultimately leading to a gutter somewhere and me in it, in the fetal position with needles falling out of my arms. otherwise there is just a lot of stuff that i DID do. a long list. i figured out my new bike shoes, for example, and rode to the top of potrero hill. i watched 10 second increments of bad tv shows.

anyway, i have to go work now. because i am a responsible adult. and that’s just the way it goes.