pirate radio

i woke up last night at about 1:45 am and couldn’t sleep. it was raining. i ended up getting out of bed and writing for an hour. it was mostly emo crap that made me want to puke, finally, on my 30th read-through this afternoon. for some reason the first 29 times i read it i thought it was genius. but i wrote it at 2 am so obviously it wasn’t genius, you know? finally i realized why it was the way i knew it must be: nothing is funny at 2 am so the things you write at 2 am have about as much perspective as a high schooler’s poetry. it was 5:30 pm when i figured this out. but i know now what needs to be done. the usual. make fun of my seriously ridiculous self. at least i have some place to start. its either that or a shaggy haircut and tight pants and i just don’t have enough energy to keep up on the newest, saddest musical trends.

i think i am going to do a very bad job on my next grammar quiz. here is why: i never do my homework and i make jokes in class. today i made a joke about ursula from the little mermaid. it went over well. but i don’t think it will help me on the test.

is it weird to go to sleep at 8:18 pm? because i’m about to do it. my eyes are having trouble staying open and my head is falling over.